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ACE Certified Fitness Professional Since 2005. Women's Muay Thai Fighting Pioneer, Kettlebell Expert, Nutrition Certified, Growth Mindset Focused, Techno Music, & Cat Lover. 😺💚💙 💜


Hi There! I’m Coach Roxy Vivien.

I help busy people get strong, fit, and confident so they can finally achieve fitness success.

I’m a former professional Muay Thai fighter and certified personal trainer with over 16 years of coaching experience.

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of clients get clear and focused on their goals, take action, and achieve fitness success.

You CAN stick to a fitness plan that’s right for you, learn the skills you need for success, and get the results you deserve!

Using collaborative coachingexpert programming, I can help you…

  • Build a Customized Plan to Achieve Your Goals
  • Fitness Hack Your Life & Schedule for Better Results
  • Save You Time with Quick & Effective Workouts
  • Develop a Strong Fitness Mindset that Keeps You Going
  • Feel Strong & Confident in Your Body!

You’ll love that your fitness action plan does not need to be complicated to get results!

I keep fitness simple and effective, so you have time to enjoy a healthy, balanced life.

In Strength,
Roxy Vivien


Are you a busy professional who struggles to find time to go to the gym?

You want a simple, effective fitness routine so you can...

  • Feel Strong & Confident
  • Increase Energy & Lower Your Stress
  • Improve Your Body Image
  • Develop Self-Discipline
  • Be Healthy & Do Badass Things!

I know the hardest part of making exercise a habit is re-starting after a short OR long break.

That's why I created this Kickstart Guide  - To help you take action quickly and reach your fitness goals fasterx Roxy Vivien Coaching

Kickstart Fitness Goals Guide Preview

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