New Year Goal Questions

What are your New Year goals and priorities?

This time of year is always a busy time for folks. I thought that it might be different due to the pandemic… But nope, 2020 continues to surprise me.

I’ve been coaching people since 2005, and the last two to three weeks of December, and even the first week or so of January, are a hot mess for most people, especially when it comes to fitness and wellness.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey is 100% okay. Take a deep breath and let that really soak in.

If you and your workouts are not best friends right now, or even if you are, there is something simple you can do to set you up for success in the New Year that doesn’t involve running, lifting, or holding a plank.

This is a great time to take a few minutes to think about what you want this coming year.

I’ve prepared some questions to help you get started…

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Feel free to leave a comment at the end with your own questions that help get you clear and motivated!

To get the most out of this exercise, I suggest setting aside twenty minutes with a pen and paper to brainstorm and journal.

If you uncover some “Ah-Ha! Moments” or truths and want to share them with me, please do!

I do a lifestyle audit like this at least twice a year. It’s a powerful tool for getting clear, focused, and motivated for new year goals, life transitions, or even small changes you’d like to make in your life. 


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1) What’s the ONE thing you are super proud of that you accomplished this past year? 


2) What is one thing you learned this year?


3) Thinking about what you have control over to change… How would you like this New Year year to be different


4) How has your view of fitness changed this year? How so? 


5) What are your top 3 fitness goals for this year? 


6) What are your top 3 life priorities this year?


7) What are 3 ways your fitness routine can support your top priorities? 


8) What’s your ideal week look like (fitness, work, social life productivity)? 


9) What fitness program changes or adjustments (that are in your control) do you think would help you achieve your ideal week


10) When thinking about this coming year, do you anticipate any roadblocks to your success


11) What do you need to do or plan to get over or avoid these potential roadblocks?


12) How do the people in your life help or hinder your success? Are there any changes you want to make to your social inner circle?


13)What is the MOST important thing (characteristic, service, educational content, online feature, etc…) you need from a coach to help you reach your goals?


14) What is ONE thing about YOU a coach should keep in mind when it comes to helping keep you motivated and crushing your goals ?


15) If 2021 had a personal theme, something you want to focus on intently this year, what is ONE WORD you’d use to describe it? 


I’ve been thinking a lot about my theme this year. I think my word will be VISUALIZE. Visualization will help me with my goal of creating a happy mindset.

I’ll tell you more about that later… for now, let’s get to work on brainstorming how to make this year absolutely meowsome!

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